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Jo-Jo Jackson           

Yoga is empowerment; yoga is community; yoga is love. Yoga develops a personal sense of empowerment through a deeper connection and understanding of Self—connecting the dots of mind, body and breath to create a more complete understanding of who we are and what we are truly capable of on and off the mat. Yoga nurtures stronger community ties by fostering empathy for and connectedness with our fellow humans. By creating and nurturing personal and interpersonal connectedness, yoga envelops joy, freedom and unity—yoga is love. 
Jo-Jo Jackson started practicing yoga in 2010. A co-worker at the time recommended she give “hot” yoga a try, so she signed up for Bikram-style “Hot 26” and hot vinyasa power yoga classes out of a sense of curiosity and a desire to get in shape. Immediately Jo-Jo was hooked to the physically challenging aspect of the practice and the sweltering heat, but after her first few months of practice she noticed that there was something more to yoga than just physical health and profuse sweating; she really enjoyed the time it gave her to introspect and quietly explore personal self-inquiry. Quickly she developed a sense that yoga was something she wanted to make a permanent practice in her life. 
In October 2013, Jo-Jo began her 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training program at Asheville Yoga Center under the guidance of Stephanie Keach. Though the 9-weekend modular program in the course of six months, she had the opportunity to learn under the mentoring of many wonderful, experienced and loving yoga teachers. She learned to listen to her own inner teacher not only to guide herself through the practice of yoga and her lifestyle choices, but to help guide others through their practices and help them learn to listen to their own inner wisdom. 

Over the years, Jo-Jo has developed her personal practice from the yogic traditions of Ashtanga, Bikram, Dharma and Jivamuhkti yoga. Her teaching ranges from dynamic vinyasa flows to vigorous hatha-vinyasa classes to therapeutic restorative practices that incorporate styles of viniyoga yoga and yin yoga. In February 2017, Jo-Jo was accepted to join the yoga teacher trainer team at Kali Yuga Yoga as a 200-hr Independent Study mentor teacher. In addition, Jo-Jo will begin deepening her personal practice (Sadhana) under the mentoring of Jennifer Campbell-Overbeeke to nurture a deeper connection of self-dedication and spiritual growth. Through the combined experience and mentorship of her newest teachers, Jo-Jo strives grow a stronger and more diverse yoga community here in Music City and beyond. 

In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, Jo-Jo is a bassist, has a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism with minors in creative writing, English and business administration, and has recently picked up competitive road cycling as an athletic hobby. As a musician and writer, yoga has helped Jo-Jo recognize the connectedness of everything she creates, whether it is bass lines, news stories, prose or relationships with others. Yoga has helped her become stronger and a more honest person on and off the mat. 

Jo-Jo joined our staff in May of 2014. 



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