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Greetings and Namaste...

Welcome to our web-shala!! 

We are working hard to create a lovely space here on the Internet that is as wonderful a place as our beloved studio. We hope it will serve as a resource to get to know us, learn something new and find some helpful tools to use as you journey along your yoga path. But as you may notice, we are constantly in the process of building and developing...

In the meantime, we encourage you to play with the Interactive Bulletin Board for quick links to your favorite pages, explore the many pages we have developed, check back often for updates and email or call us with any questions. We hope you’ll come visit soon!

Looking forward to our practice together~

                                                        Shanti Ananda,                                               y   Leah
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namaste & welcome! 

	It happens every year, the temperature heats up, the lightning bugs creep out, the school zone traffic disappears, my spirit lifts and I am free...Wheee!!!  To quote Alice Cooper, "School's out for Summer!" I love the summer energy at the studio. Students peace out on vacation only to return to their abandoned yoga mats sun-kissed, refreshed and radiating that peace out. 
	I'm wrapping up this season's theme of Swadhiyaya with my own self-realization and I'm saying, "Peace Out!" as Director of KYY. I'm handing over the reins to Stacey Caron our current Studio Manager. Stacey has been a marvelous force of energy, compassion and dedication to our studio this past year and she deeply believes in our mission to stay true to the scriptures and traditional teachings of yoga. She has terrific ideas on how to build upon our strengths and create more opportunities for students, teachers and our community at large. 
	I am super excited for this new phase and for my new role as advisor and visionary. At last I'll be able to spend time meditating on bigger and brighter intentions for Kali Yuga Yoga. Future forecast  is sunny indeed!
                                Shanti om,                        

Yoga for Beginners: NEW Weekly Class!:! 
 This specially designed practice dives deep into yoga’s essential poses with additional information how to get the most out of the group classes you attend.


Intro to meditation: June 14 
Our grand finale for this season’s theme of Swadhiyaya. Learn easy ways to begin and sustain your meditations.   


Summer Solstice Salvation: June 21
Balance the summer’s Pitta with this sublime blend of meditation, Reiki, pranayama and restorative yoga.


Liberating Trauma: June 29
 Free your mind and body and the joy will follow! Once you understand the connections between past experience and present physical sensation you can relieve suffering in body, mind and spirit.

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