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Greetings and Namaste...

Welcome to our web-shala!! 

We are working hard to create a lovely space here on the Internet that is as wonderful a place as our beloved studio. We hope it will serve as a resource to get to know us, learn something new and find some helpful tools to use as you journey along your yoga path. But as you may notice, we are constantly in the process of building and developing...

In the meantime, we encourage you to play with the Interactive Bulletin Board for quick links to your favorite pages, explore the many pages we have developed, check back often for updates and email or call us with any questions. We hope you’ll come visit soon!

Looking forward to our practice together~

                                                        Shanti Ananda,                                               y   Leah
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namaste & welcome! 

Growth equates with change... 
    And change means letting something go. We at Kali Yuga Yoga understand ourselves to be a holistic yoga studio, promoting a discipline that extends beyond the physical. Yet for over a decade our focus has been on supporting our student's yogic journey mostly by way of the daily group classes. In the new year we seek to resolve this issue in an innovative and effective way. 
    In line with Ayurveda, we know that a healthy yoga practice must integrate the three elements of Vata, Kapha and Pitta to harmonize body, mind and spirit. Thus we are thrilled to unveil new memberships to support an all-inclusive exploration into the profundity of yoga highlighting daily group classes to invigorate the body (Vata), workshops to stimulate the mind (Kapha) and privates to deepen your personal spiritual connection.  At the same time we will be doing away with many of our current packages, withholding those offerings for our most loyal members. 
    In anticipation of this transformation we thought a fun way to let go of the old would be to have an "Aparigraha-ge Sale" of all of our old packages. Feel free to buy in bulk or give them away. We're letting them go and we're ready to make space for the new!  
                                 Shanti om,                        
*Sale runs December 2019 through January 31, 2020. Purchases cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion.

Yoga Teacher Training: March-May 2020!! 
 Our training is truly unique in that you not only learn the foundations of modern yoga but also the roots of all lineages with an emphasis on Ayurveda. 


Diksha: Jan 4 
FREE info session on new studio theme of Ayurveda. Get a jump start on learning about your Dosha and the right classes and workshops to balance your energies into your best self!


New Year Yin & Yoga Nidra: January 1
Reframe the way you view new year’s resolutions in the direction of trusting the deep wisdom of your body to guide you in the direction of ease for 2020.http://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Yoga.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/TeacherTraining.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Classes.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/NewYearYin.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/ChakraFlow.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/HealingTouch.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/MahaSadhana.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/HealingTouch.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Memberships.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Classes.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Workshops.htmhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Privates.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Rates.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/StudentLoyalty.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Yoga.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Rates.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Leah.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/YogaYoUniversity.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/Diksha.htmlhttp://www.kaliyugayoga.com/NewYearYin.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0shapeimage_14_link_1shapeimage_14_link_2shapeimage_14_link_3shapeimage_14_link_4shapeimage_14_link_5shapeimage_14_link_6shapeimage_14_link_7shapeimage_14_link_8shapeimage_14_link_9shapeimage_14_link_10shapeimage_14_link_11shapeimage_14_link_12shapeimage_14_link_13shapeimage_14_link_14shapeimage_14_link_15shapeimage_14_link_16shapeimage_14_link_17shapeimage_14_link_18shapeimage_14_link_19
1011 Fatherland Street  d  East Nashville, TN 37206
615.260.5361 d info@kaliyugayoga.commailto:info@kaliyugayoga.comshapeimage_15_link_0

We have Gift Certificates!   Call 615.260.5361

New Year’s Eve / Day Schedule:
Dec 31:  9:30AM Pitta * 11:30AM Kapha
Jan 1st: New Year Yin & Yoga Nidra