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Greetings and Namaste...

Welcome to our web-shala!! 

We are working hard to create a lovely space here on the Internet that is as wonderful a place as our beloved studio. We hope it will serve as a resource to get to know us, learn something new and find some helpful tools to use as you journey along your yoga path. But as you may notice, we are constantly in the process of building and developing...

In the meantime, we encourage you to play with the Interactive Bulletin Board for quick links to your favorite pages, explore the many pages we have developed, check back often for updates and email or call us with any questions. We hope you’ll come visit soon!

Looking forward to our practice together~

                                                        Shanti Ananda,                                               y   Leah
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namaste & welcome! 

Staying true to oneself has nothing to do with being steady. In fact, as a yogi on the path to enlightenment, the goal is just the opposite. We aim to constantly question our experience with total awareness of feelings and thoughts and to disconnect from any process of identification and self-definition with an open and nonjudgemental perspective. Just like peeling back the layers of an onion, this commitment to bearing witness to our lives and lifting the veil of maya (illusion) and avidya (ignorance) to free ourselves is a multilayered process. For example, the Indian traditions prescribe a devotional practice for the ignorance of the heart, selfless action for those attached to outcomes and meditation for a wandering mind. Here at Kali Yuga we strive to provide you with these opportunities for self-inquiry and our highest hope is that through this practice you discover the bright, pure, shining light within. 
                                 Shanti om,                        
Anitya ashuchi duhkha anatmasu nitya 
shuchi sukha atman khyatih avidya
"To mistake the impermanent as eternal, the impure for pure, sorrow for happiness and the non-Self as the true Self are misconceptions of Ignorance."
-The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 2.5

Yoga Teacher Training: Jan-April!! 
Teacher Training is for anyone who has the seeker’s mind and desires to understand yoga on a personal level. Our training is truly unique in that you not only learn the foundations of modern yoga but also the roots of all lineages with an emphasis on Ayurveda.   


Chakra Therapy: September 8
Learn while doing- Explore the intricate nature of the chakras through this experiential journey!


Ease into Autumn: September 22 
Balance your dosha and calm the winds of change in this seasonal celebration of the Equinox. 

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