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Greetings and Namaste...

Welcome to our web-shala!! 

We are working hard to create a lovely space here on the Internet that is as wonderful a place as our beloved studio. We hope it will serve as a resource to get to know us, learn something new and find some helpful tools to use as you journey along your yoga path. But as you may notice, we are constantly in the process of building and developing...

In the meantime, we encourage you to explore the many pages we have developed, maybe find an old buried treasure, check back often for updates and email or call us with any questions. We hope you’ll come visit the studio soon!

Looking forward to our practice together~
                                                        Shanti Ananda,                                                               
                                            y   Leah
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namaste & welcome! 

Happy Fall Ya’ll!
    Hold on- here we go! To me Halloween kicks off a six month season of celebrations through the Spring Equinox. Each month offers a reason to decorate, to make merry and to gather. After this last year many of us are aching to return to old traditions, yet at the same time, we may find that difficult- physically, mentally and emotionally. Trust me, no one feels this more than we do at the studio. But we also realize that neither shirking old ways nor clinging desperately to them will end with a fulfilled heart. Rather our challenge is to bring together beloved customs with new intentional practices in order to cultivate LASTING RITUALS that sustain and support you and your values. This reevaluation of our habitual behaviors and implementation of planned actions naturally deepens our connection both to ourselves and to our world. It creates a sense of center and grounds us to our priorities. And it is from this place that we can better chart our life's course to fulfill our fullest and highest potential. 
    Let me be the first to share that BIG CHANGES are on our horizon and its been a long time coming. We’ve been working towards this transition for the last 4 years and soon we will all see the new light. Curious? Feel free to email me with questions...                                  Shanti om, 
"There is a comfort in rituals, and rituals provide a framework for stability when you are trying to find answers." 
- Deborah Norville   

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Manifest YOUr BEST Course continues!
Set your sights high to achieve BIG dreams. Learn practical strategies to get the ball rolling and make 2022 your best year to date! Nov 21: Goal Setting 


Two-hour Restorative Yoga: Dec3rd: 
Go into the holidays this season with a full cup! Start a new ritual of self care to bolster the long season of giving. 


Ayurveda & Anxiety: Dec 12
Learn positive techniques for managing stress, anxiety and depression through rituals, routines and proper food choices unique to your constitution. 


Accepting applications for SPRING 2022
 200-hour Yoga Teacher’s Certification
Dive deep into your practice, learn the foundations and principles of a yogic lifestyle and hone skills to share it with others. Dates: Feb- April 2022
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